About AutoNeal, Inc

Personal service unmatched in the industry


The idea/concept of AutoNeal Inc. is simply exceptional “one on one” involvement which cannot be found elsewhere. I specialize in personally working with referrals; friends; family or acquaintances.

I locate; analyze; negotiate vehicle sales and acquisitions (do all the work involved) when someone either doesn’t have the time; expertise or interest in doing so. It is a painless process on the part of the client..you are “kept in the loop” at all stages and nothing is consummated until you say “go forward” with the acquisition.

Neal SissonI then purchase the vehicle or broker the situation and you simply come to my home office and execute the documents. If more convenient and if necessary, I can come to your office or the closing can be performed at a mutually agreed on third party site.

There are no “secrets” or “barn finds” in this era of information technology, ie, everyone knows what is available and worthwhile with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

My expertise manifests itself with the ability to do “personal and upclose” work for the client.  This “personal service” simply cannot be found elsewhere.  No “brick and mortar” business could do it because of profit constraints.  The “time” commitment would be prohibitive.

I can, however, “make it happen” and have done so many, many times over the last thirteen years of being in active business. I “do it all” from the initial phone call to the closing and drive-away!!


Ford F-Series
Chevy Silverado
Ram Pickup
Honda Civic


  • 15+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Personal Service Above and Beyond
  • You Work Directly With AutoNeal Owner!


  • Everything is taken care of. Thanks for all your help and for making this such a pleasant experience – and for a GREAT car!!Vicki


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